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Retirement Planning

Each client has his or her unique vision of what retirement will hold for them. Together we will create a successful plan that captures the special elements that make their life uniquely theirs. 

No two plans are ever the same because no two lives are the same.

Investment Consulting

To fully effective, an investment plan should be synchronized with your overall goals and the rest of your financial plan. I take the time to I create an investment plan that will help you get the most out of your money with an asset risk at a level that will leave you feeling at ease – even during volatile market periods. 

Tax Strategies

Tax strategies play an important role in a synchronized plan. Using the ones that work best in your situation can help you reduce or avoid taxes.

I can help create a tax efficient plan that let’s you accumulate the most wealth over your lifetime.  

Estate Planning

There’s more to estate planning than simply writing out a Will. I can show you how to maximize your estate’s value, while helping to ensure the beneficiaries will receive everything as you planned. Early attention to estate matters can help you understand how the decisions you make today  could impact the value of your estate.

Wealth Protection

I can show you how to create your customized insurance and wealth protection plan so that what’s important to you stays safe.  Knowing that you have a customized comprehensive protection plan in place allows you to have true peace of mind.  And that means you can fully enjoy all of your life’s adventures – both now and in the future. 

Mortgage & Debt Strategies

Buying a home is a huge financial decision, and it’s important to ensure that your mortgage  fits into your overall financial plan.  Being a Financial Management Consultant I can help you determine which mortgage approach best fits in with the  path and goals you have set in your financial plan. 


Trust is a big part of my relationship with my clients. As a Financial Management Consultant I understand that they are looking to me to guide them on how to create their financial security and protect those things that are dear to them. I do not take that trust lightly.  I work hard each day to honour the faith they have placed in me.  


Many of the clients I have today have been with me since the beginning.  The longevity of these relationships is a testament to how my training and the breath of my experience have delivered the results clients want in reaching their financial growth goals. 


Communication is key to a successful relationship.  That’s why I maintain an open dialogue with each client, so  I can keep them apprised of any updates or issues that may relate to their wealth growth plans. This open dialogue also encourages clients to let me know if there are any changes in their situation that we need to address.

“Robin gave me great advice on a variety of areas.  Thanks to him I have been able put away a good financial cushion and my largest assets are protected so my family and I will always be okay.  You are in good hands with Robin Tomarchio.”

Jone T.

“Robin helped us to select the right kinds and levels of insurance so that our family will be okay and financially safe, should anything happen to either one of us.”

Tracy H.

“We would have ended up paying a lot more taxes that would have impacted our retire date goals if we didn’t use Robin.  He showed us how our investments could work harder for us and have lower tax rates. “

William D.

 oin Me

My Clients Are Like Family

I like my clients.  I care about my clients and I want to see them realize their dreams and goals. I treat my clients like family. I hold this trust very dear.  As a Financial Management Consultant I treat my clients in a way that I hope someone else would treat and look out for my own family if I wasn’t around to do it.

So if you’re looking for a trusted person to look after you, I would be honoured if you’d call me to discuss how I can help you and your family.

Contact me today.

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